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The Breakfast Club: Thought Leader Series

Session 3 - The Marketing of Politics & Policy

Thursday, November 12, 2015

HELEN MILLS, 137 W 26th St.

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The AD Club of New York and The Washington Post took a candid look at how marketing makes an impact on competitive democracy today. Moderated by Lois Romano, Editor of The Washington Post Live, the panel was a who's who of political strategy, crisis communications, campaign and social media. The audience heard from political experts about the intersection of political and consumer marketing with regards to the upcoming 2016 election.

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Key Takeaways Included:

  • Every day is election day for corporate and brand marketers, which means that their respective tolerance for risk differs from their political counterparts. Corporate marketers err toward less risk, understanding that brand perception takes a long time to build and can be ruined forever with just the slightest hiccup. Political marketers are willing to take on more risk due to the understanding that political campaigns only last for a finite period of time; therefore, they need to try any option that offers up a chance at high returns.
  • Measurement tactics also differ between the two with brand marketers measuring engagement and propensity of the public to "like" their products and share their news and information. On the other side of the spectrum, political marketers look to persuasion metrics to determine how they are fairing with their target audiences.
  • Millennials, an important demographic for both political and consumer marketers, must be approached through the lens of trust and credibility. Political marketers must understand what the American dream means to this cohort and incorporate these dreams into their own messaging.
  • The media paradigm is shifting from paid to earned. As evidenced in the barrage of free press Donald trump has received, this now begs the question as to whether or not campaign coffers are as important as they were in the past.


Political and Marketing Strategists Included (with links to bios):

All of our panelists agreed that there are certain situation you can't "media" your way out of — personal experince has an enormous role in audience perception and if they have just one bad experience with your brand or political candidate, it will be an uphill battle to win them back.

Thank you to our speakers and The Washington Post for an amazing Breakfast Series.

The Marketing of Politics & Policy from The Advertising Club of New York on Vimeo.

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