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Masters of the Revolution

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Join innovative executives from Energizer, JetBlue, Hershey’s, Meredith, AMC, UM, TargetCast, Mullen and others as they discuss transformative opportunities impacting media today: Mobile/Local, Video, Content Development and Social Media.




Alice Sylvester, Chief Operating Officer, Media Behavior Institute

Masters of Change: Hear from some of the most innovative agency, marketing and media leaders who are encouraging, enabling and insisting upon effective change in their respective companies

  • Moderator: Steve Farella, CEO, Maxxcom Global Media
  • Dick Porter, President, Media Sales, Meredith Corporation
  • Charlie Collier, President & GM, AMC 
  • Jon Suarez-Davis, VP, North America Media & Digital Strategy, Kellogg Company
  • Susan Lyne, CEO, AOL Brands


10:00 – 12:00- BREAKOUT SESSIONS

Session 1 – Mobile/Local: Ubiquity vs. Utility on the Mobile Web
The smartphone have been the most rapidly adopted consumer electronic device in human history. And with device manufacturers now creating less costly phones for developing markets, mobile phone is likely to become even more widespread. It's estimated that by 2014, the number of active mobile phones will exceed the world population. The ubiquity mobile offers has made marketers ecstatic. Yet, ubiquity for ubiquity's sake can come at a cost. People tend to have deeply personal relationships with their smartphones, and in turn, find most mobile advertising intrusive. A recent study found that consumers find mobile advertising more intrusive than TV commercials. The brands that have done best on mobile, then, are the ones that offer users utility such as useful app or a notification about a deal at a nearby store. We will discuss the proper way to balance taking advantage of mobile's reach with offering a useful mobile solution that is likely to have a more lasting impact.   

  •  Moderator: John McDermott, Mobile/Digital Editor, Advertising Age
  •  Ed Martin, Director Mobile Marketing, Hershey Company
  •  Patrick Moorhead, VP, Mobile, Catalina
  • Jonathan Stephen, Head of Mobile & Emerging Technologies, JetBlue Airways
  • Jade Watts, VP Group Digital Media Director, Mediahub Mullen


Session2 – Video without Borders
Video fluidity across screens has never been more of a reality. Consumers are moving effortlessly from screen to screen, following content and Brands from the living room to their PCs, smartphones and tablets. As such, marketers must think about their video and content strategies differently. How should we best do this? What barriers exist to true video fluidity across screens? In this session we will touch on some key challenges and opportunities in the current video ecosystem including cross-screen measurement, leveraging data, audience vs. context tradeoffs and programmatic opportunities. We will drive towards clear action items as we head into an undoubtedly exciting upcoming upfront season.

  • Moderator: David Cohen, Chief Media Officer, UM
  • Toby Gabriner, President, ·
  • Randy Kilgore, Chief Revenue Officer, Tremor Video
  • Barry Lowenthal, President, The Media Kitchen
  • Dan Suratt, EVP, Digital Media & Business Development, A+E Networks


Session 3 – Social Content: The End of the Beginning
Marketers have always underestimated the human imperative to socialize and share. Social media is simply the expression of this innate behavior, not a set of channels and technologies. This behavior is fundamentally altering how consumers buy products and services. As a result, marketing is more difficult, since the customer journey is less linear, and more, well, social. Our panel will focus on solutions. How the integration of content, and suggestion of word-of-mouth complements every aspect of marketing. How consumers shop and buy through social media. How to make content for this world, and how to measure its impact. While the buzz about social media has died down, we are only at the end of the very beginning.

  • Moderator: Curtis Hougland, President/Founder, Attention
  • Seth Silverstein, Consumer Marketing Director, Digital, Conde Nast
  • Varun Shetty, Media Partnerships, Foursquare
  • Kodi Foster, Sr. Director, Brand Initiatives, Outbrain
  • Mark Burrell, Co-Founder, Tongal


Session 4 – Ventures: Building the Future of Media
Today If you visit the garages of Silicon Valley and the lofts of Silicon Alley, you'll witness the future of our industry taking shape. Entrepreneurs hard at work building marketing and advertising technologies, finding clients, and rallying their teams. Today, we'll focus on the portfolio of kbs+ Ventures, the investment arm of advertising agency kbs+, which in 2011, launched an investment vehicle solely dedicated to funding the future marketing and advertising technologies. This panel will discuss why they are building their technologies, the holes and opportunities in the marketplace and some learnings they have had along the way. You should walk out of the panel having an understanding of what's coming around the corner for advertising and how technology will enable us to target more effectively.

  • Moderator: Darren Herman, President, kbs + Ventures & Chief Digital Media Officer, The Media Kitchen
  • Irving Fain, CEO & Co-Founder, CrowdTwist, Inc
  • Nikhil Sethi, Co-Founder, Adaptly
  • Frank Speiser, CEO/Co-Founder, SocialFlow
  • Duncan McCall, Co-Founder & CEO, PlaceIQ
  • Jonathan Mendez, Founder & CEO, Yieldbot


12:00 – 12:30- CLOSING KEYNOTE

Jeff Chapman, Senior Director, Global Brand Communications, Energizer Personal Care

What can a brand do when faced with a competitor that spends 5x as much? With a target that increasingly controls its own exposure to advertising, and is increasingly skeptical of its claims? This session will trace the story of Schick, as it ventures beyond conventional advertising toward a new way of going to market. One with branded content at the center of an integrated plan of earned, owned, and paid media. This discussion will explore the challenges along the way: defining the brand voice, quality versus cost trade-offs, building the courage to take the plunge, and the difficulties of measuring ROI in a world where one tactic blends seamlessly into the next.  

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