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Out-Of-Home:NOW Conference 2014

The Art, Science and Power of Today's Location-Based Media

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers

Event Sponsors:

What’s driving out-of-home marketing today and in the future? To answer that question, The AD Club, along with our event chairs Connie Garrido and Dave Yacullo, and sponsors Clear Channel Outdoor, Lamar Advertising Company, OUTFRONT media, Corbis, Titan, Vector Media, Capitol Outdoor, Regency and Summit Media, hosted Out-of-Home:NOW on December 3rd, gathering industry thought leaders to exchange ideas and best practices.

Here’s what we learned:

During the opening keynote, Danilo Boer, VP Senior Creative Director, BBDO NY shared 7 things he has learned about what it takes to do good outdoor advertising:

  1. Work late. Later than anyone else. We don’t all wake up with brilliant ideas.
  2. Knowing your craft gives you freedom.
  3. Simple is good.
  4. New technologies are not enough. Don’t use tech for tech’s sake.
  5. If it’s not good, it’s your fault.
  6. Win ALL the battles.
  7. Work for brands you believe in.


Danilo took us through his journey in creative advertising, including the high points and challenges he’s faced, and why he loves working in this business.

The panel “State of the OOH Marketplace: Leading Through Change” explored the key drivers shaping OOH with panelists John Miller, VP, Director, National Sales, Lamar Advertising Company; Jill Nickerson, SVP, Director OOH, Horizon Media; Clive Punter, CRO, OUTFRONT media; and David Krupp, US CEO, Kinetic Worldwide. Moderated by MediaPost editor Steve McClellan, the conversation explored everything from the health of the industry to new measurement tools to the different touchpoints impacting outdoor marketers.

  • According to Jill Nickerson, media agencies are encouraging more conversations about measurement and how digital technology is driving engagement. They aren’t just finding the right placements these days – they’re activating them.

  • David Krupp challenged the industry to start figuring out where OOH and local media hold a larger share and greater value in overall media plans. He said we are starting to move from engagement to participation, where consumers can be part of OOH like never before.

  • Clive Punter shared his view about the massive opportunity to drive industry growth in the U.S. and in Europe, where outdoor has 10% share. As tech evolves and overlays other media, we have to think about how to collaborate better on the buy and sell side.

  • The strategic advantage of OOH is its ability to take the consumer on a journey and get them involved. The beauty of OOH is that it can be ubiquitous in any setting.

  • While other mediums have declined in growth, OOH continues to grow, thanks in big part to the dominance of mobile. Punter said that’s why outdoor is about to have its big moment.

  • As automated ad buying rises in popularity among marketers, John Miller spoke of his company’s willingness to experiment with programmatic in OOH and encouraged the rest of the industry to test out new tactics and models.

  • Measurement is a big issue for OOH marketers. With better data available, the panelists all expressed a wish to figure out how to use it to reach more specific sets of people in 2015.

In the second panel, “The Science of OOH Today: Connecting the Physical and Virtual World,”panelists were led by moderator Mercedes Cardona, Editor, Lean back blog, The Economist Group, in a lively discussion about the role of tech and innovation in connecting OOH with today’s on-the-go consumer. Esteemed panelists included Josh Kruter, VP-Digital Product, Clear Channel Outdoor; Ryan Laul, Director, [d] theory; and Tim Daly, Co-founder, Thinaire.

  • According to Ryan Laul, the industry is improving its understanding of mobile data better and more quickly. We’ll start to see tremendous gains as the adoption of new tech and this understanding continues.

  • Josh Kruter shared that the topic du jour in outdoor is executing ROI, and using data to evolve campaigns and ensure messages are contextually relevant. Through tech and data, we can better understand consumer sentiment, and that’s where the industry should be. Technology, especially mobile, is bridging the gap between who marketers want to reach and what they want to convey.

  • Tom Daly expressed the importance of creating a two-way conversation with people and brands through OOH; people don’t want to walk around having messages pushed at them. We’re in a world of connected things where people should be able to pick and choose what they see from brands.

  • One of the biggest challenges facing OOH is using all of the technology available to tell a great story. But technology isn’t everything; agency partners need to take time to understand clients’ objectives and how technology can solve them rather than focusing solely on the technology.

  • The industry is moving from talking about tech to leveraging it across channels and measuring movement and results across each one.

  • OOH has the ability to make outdoor ads more exciting and interactive as screens, devices and technology continue to evolve. Now OOH marketers can take a static message and amplify it on other channels, using OOH to extend the message.

  • Measurement was a hot topic; with the power of data comes the responsibility of measurement and proving ROI. It’s a matter of determining the right metrics and managing clients’ expectations.

Dennis Camlek, SVP, Turner Media Group, delivered the final presentation of the day, sharing a number of compelling case studies that demonstrate the power of OOH and how Turner has used the medium to generate awareness and invite their viewers to develop TV shows with them. 2014 was a big year for Turner in terms of their innovative use of outdoor. Dennis shared the success of campaigns around the shows Dallas, Legends and Last Ship, and the network’s partnerships with Syracuse University around March Madness.

In addition, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) announced the winners of the OAAA Media Awards, and Liz Petersen of Cisco presented her winning case study to the audience. Congratulations to the winners!

Check out interview clips with our sponsors and speakers here!

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