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The VERTICALS Series: Finance

Featuring Top Finance Marketers from Citi, JPMorgan Chase, and Betterment

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Helen Mills, 137 W 26th Street NY

Event Sponsors:

The AD Club of New York & Yahoo hosted the 10th breakfast in an ongoing series of strategic conversations featuring client executives as they take a deeper dive into the latest trends impacting their companies and specific business sectors.
This program addressed the question: “How are financial marketers creating more mobile, two-way, and "right-now" experiences to connect with their customers”
Andy Serwer, Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo started the discussion off with an industry overview which led into the panel featuring:
  • Karna Crawford, SVP, Head of Market Strategy & Digital Consumer Bank, JPMorgan Chase 
  • Elyssa Gray, VP Brand, Betterment 
  • Jennifer Lindauer, SVP, Director of Brand & Advertising, Citi 


Top Takeaways:
  • Finance Marketers are no longer focused on 30 second spots and big TV buys, rather they are creating and gathering holistic strategies to allow for improved personalization and engagement across multiple platforms.


  • Mobile remains a priority despite known challenges with performance measurement and attribution. Emphasis is on creating an experience that doesn't interfere and will always add value. 


  • In content development, it’s all about making sure content is easy to digest, relatively jargon-free, and entertaining. In some cases, humor and video are key factors. Messaging now goes beyond thought leadership and pure product intel to life experiences and bringing utility to customers. Long-form content is also part of the plan. 


  • When it comes to "brand safety" advertisers need to step up and demand more accountability. Karna Crawford from JPMorgan Chase stated, "checks and balances are fundamental because at the end of the day, brands are accountable”.


  • For smaller brands like Betterment, they have a culture that encourages the marketing team to “fail fast and learn quickly” allowing the flexibility to test strategies in many forms. 


  • Data science is critical to success. Marketers are “watching” from a wide variety of KPIs ranging from media measurement to business outcomes. 


  • To have the ability to achieve all of the above, talent is key. It is vital to elevate the talent base. 

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