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The VERTICALS Series: Technology

Featuring Top Marketers from HP, Under Armour Connected Fitness & Verizon

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Upper Story by Charlie Palmer, NYC

Event Sponsors:

The AD Club of New York & Yahoo hosted the fifth breakfast in an ongoing series of strategic conversations featuring client executives as they take a deep dive into the latest trends impacting their companies and specific business sectors.

Tech marketers addressed the challenge of having to:
  • "Teach" consumers about new technology
  • "Tell" them how it will benefit their lives and
  • "Sell" products all while building brand affinity
Coverage included: campaign success stories, challenges and how they were overcome, and the next big trends on the horizon.
Scott Kelliher, VP Industry Lead, Yahoo Tech had a fireside chat with David Pogue, Editor of Yahoo Tech and then led the discussion with:
  • Warren Kay, VP Advertising, Under Armour Connected Fitness
  • Ed McLoughlin, Global Head of Media & Digital, HP
  • John Nitti, Chief Media Officer, Verizon
Top 5 Takeaways:
  1. In order to teach, tell and sell, marketers must be true to their consumers -- Don't just talk about the specs or be granular about your product or service, but aim to win their hearts and minds across all categories. We can teach them about our brand across multiple platforms, but the most in important thing is to always be relevant to our consumers and to keep them top of mind.
  2. Technology matters to every person because it is more than a convenience -- It is also a lifestyle, and marketers must find an authentic way to become a part of their consumers' lifestyles in this new data-driven era.
  3. Older legacy brands must adapt to new technologies, but only with ones that make the most sense to their company. For Verizon, it's always been about connectivity. So partnering with automotive brands and helping them create cars to become wifi-enabled is something that is innovative while staying true to their brand. 
  4. Brands and marketers need to build and integrate technology to become more accessible to all consumers in order to evolve in our data-driven world. For Under Armour, they wanted to open the technology their professional athletes were using to the masses so that each and every consumer could get the same experience and could learn about their own individual health and well-being.
  5. Outside of data, content marketing is the most important way to engage with consumers nowadays, and this is done by marrying data with media -- It's not one or the other, but a balance. 
A special thanks to our sponsor Yahoo for making this all possible.
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The VERTICALS: Technology Sizzle from The Advertising Club of New York on Vimeo.

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