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Microsoft Advertising

Digital Advertising

At Microsoft Advertising, we don’t just understand the digital landscape, we create it. Part software company with powerful innovations and part media company with global properties, we bring both our technical and creative sides to the table.

There are plenty of ways to get your product in front of your audience, but we make sure it’s the smartest, most creative way. Whether your audience is diverse or easily defined, we will find the most effective digital mix and method to engage them deeply.

Through our powerful analytics, we know who cares—both when and where. We understand how to get your product in front of the right people at the strongest point of influence. And through our global media properties, we can help you reach unprecedented audiences. Currently, Microsoft Advertising enables you to reach out to a global audience of over 688 million on a monthly basis.1

We love data and we excel at interpreting it for our partners. We collect information from every campaign and mine it for insights. You will know how your campaign is performing every step of the way. We analyze, strategize and optimize in real time to deliver the maximum impact for your customers and on your investment.

It’s not a success until you say it is. Let us prove it. Using well-planned methods of collecting data, we dig in and make sure each campaign is infused with tools that help you extract deep customer knowledge. See how our dedication and inspiration have led to our partners’ success.

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