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Intern Testimonials

ACNY Summer Interns

Here is what a few of our past interns have to say about interning at the ADVERTISING Club:

"The Advertising Club of New York has been an integral part of my career in advertising for over four years now, and I would not be in the current position I am without the experiences I gained from the internship program. I was accepted into the internship program as a rising junior, and was placed at DiNoto Inc. I had just recently switched my major from Finance to Marketing, and was using that summer to figure out if this was something I wanted to pursue as a career. While I had a great experience working day to day at DiNoto Inc., it was the added benefits and relationships built through the Ad Club internship program that made me confident that I wanted to pursue advertising as a career. Being able to get an all-encompassing view of the industry, through the Ad Club’s lunch and learn series, enabled me to identify the exact role I wanted (account management) and what type of agency I wanted to work in (small-medium, creative agency). The relationships that I made during the internship program helped me achieve my first job, as well as, help friends of mine advance their careers. Breaking into the advertising industry can be extremely difficult if you don’t have strong relationships built. The Ad Club made sure that I knew the right people to make this entrance as seamless as possible. I am still in touch with many people from the internship program, and they are some of my most valued relationships I have in the industry.  After graduation, I got involved with the Ad Club internship program from an admission/mentor stand point. I take my role of selecting future candidates and mentoring them very seriously. Being a mentor for the last two summers has been an amazing and rewarding experience I hope to inspire and help the next great wave of marketers for many years to come, and the Ad Club allows me to do so."

-- Joe Morelli, W+K New York

"This organization has really helped launch me into an industry I otherwise would not have had a chance to experience. I am extremely grateful for all of the contacts and information I gained."

-- Pearl Steinberg

"My experience with the Ad Club was excellent. The program was run professionally and each seminar was interesting and creative, as well as very informative. I was very happy with my chosen company and I made professional connections with many incredible people. Thanks to the Ad Club summer internship program I now have a better sense of what I want to do in the industry and I really could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you so much!"

-- Michela Galante

“I was fortunate to be part of The ADVERTISING Club’s 2007 Summer Intern program, working for TargetCast tcm under the Director of Digital Media, credentials that enabled me to subsequently win a cool assignment at Google.  I cannot overestimate the value of these jobs before graduation to help secure my current job in Account Management at Facebook. The AD Club is the greatest!"                  

-- Dina Gold, Facebook (Dina was also member of the AD Club Young Professional Steering Committee and recipient of the Club’s 2010 Rising Star Award.)

“I’m pretty sure things would have worked out differently for me if I hadn’t been accepted into the Club’s fabulous program. Being an intern for The Ad Club helped me get my foot in the door, secure a job in the industry before graduation, and maintain contacts that have paved the way since. Having a professional and personal relationship with the Club has enriched my career and my friendships and I’m sure will continue to do so in the future!”

-- Katie Kehoe, ForeverMark

“By the end of the Ad Club internship program, I really understood how all of the companies that make up the advertising industry work. Along with this enormous amount of knowledge, I established many valuable connections with some amazing people. I landed a job the next summer thanks to these connections. In today’s economy, you have to use all the help you can get and The AD Club is a fantastic springboard for anyone who wants to get into advertising.”

-- Ori Zohar, Sindeo


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