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Attract, Train, Retain, and Promote Diverse Talent In Our Industry!

The AD Club is proud to introduce i’mPART, an initiative to raise awareness of the benefits of diversity in business and rally professionals around a shared movement.  i’mPART calls to mind “I am part” of a movement to drive change in my industry. The acronym represents the pillars of the initiative – to Promote, Attract, Retain and Train multicultural talent.

How is i’mPART different?

i’mPART is the first diversity initiative to commission a benchmark survey from a global professional services firm, and recognized leader in diversity, PwC that will track, measure and report success over a 10 year period.


The AD Club is making it’s largest investment ever.  Over the first two years $1,000,000 was raised by selling donated ad space to agencies on behalf of their clients. 


By galvanizing the community a Steering Committee comprised of media, agency and marketing partners was assembled to earmark the funds and curate the industry’s leading diversity programs to support as best-in-class.


The funds will go to a variety of programs that promote diversity – including ADCOLOR University, Howard University and Torch to name a few. By participating in MEDIACTION you can help to do your part.  


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