The International ANDY Awards

As one of the most sought-after awards for creative excellence in advertising The ANDYs honor creativity in advertising with bravery at its core. The global competition exists to recognize the collaboration of creatives and marketers alike who raise the standards of craftsmanship in the industry, while remaining a true industry barometer, connector and archivist.

Enter The 2024 ANDY Awards

Statistically speaking people who win at the ANDYS go on to win other awards throughout the season. And we're guaranteeing it. Anyone who submits early to the ANDYS and wins, we’ll bet that you go on to win at other major shows this season. If you don’t, we’ll pay for your entry to next year’s ANDY Awards.

2023 Winners Announced

As the first show of awards season what wins here is often regarded as a predictor of what work will go on to sweep other shows. In the last 3 years, we have a 90% success rate of predicting the winning work that goes on to metal in other shows. See the predictors and all the work that placed this year.


The Redefining Series continues to bring inspirational content and a shared experience through personal storytelling. These talks allow a peek into the industry’s most respected creatives and marketers to what inspires them, what moves them, and what they credit their successes to.


They helped build the industry that built some of the most successful brands in history. They are men and women whose ideas, fearlessness and vision changed the way we interact with brands. You may not know all their names but their work has been an indelible part of our lives.

What makes some of the creative leaders of our time industry legends? What or who inspired them to pursue the career they did? What inspires them today? And how do they inspire those around them to think differently? These are the questions that Inspiration illustrates.

The series was created and produced by Rick Boyko, former Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy North America /former Director of the VCU Brandcenter in partnership with the ADVERTISING Club of New York / International ANDY Awards. And thanks to talented and generous directors, editors, music and post production houses, of AICP, “Inspiration” is produced pro bono and free for all to view.


In its 54th year, The ANDYs decided to open up the judging room in the name of transparency and education. The community was able to observe and learn from the deliberation over the best ideas of the year, and future jurors could garner key insights on how work was identified and curated.