Ariel Blakeman

Director, International ANDY Awards

The AD Club

Ariel leads brand management, media partnerships, and event production for The ANDY Awards, a global creative competition produced by The ADVERTISING Club of New York and known as a barometer of the industry's best ideas with a world-class integrated Jury.

An advocate for equitable recognition of creative talent, Ariel has been a driving force behind pioneering initiatives aimed at democratizing award shows. Under her leadership, Regional Competitions were implemented, which helped to dismantle financial and contextual barriers, ensuring that creative brilliance knows no limits. Her contributions have led to milestones in the industry with the first-of-its-kind live-streamed education platform enriching the industry with unprecedented insights from inside a jury room.

Moreover, she spearheaded a comprehensive restructuring of award show conventions, liberating creativity from traditional categories' confines and redefining the essence of these events.

With her commitment to pushing boundaries and championing creativity without limits, Ariel continues to help shape the future of the industry, ensuring that The International ANDY Awards remain a beacon of inspiration and achievement for generations to come.

Originally from Colorado, Ariel resides in Brooklyn with her pup, Betty.

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