Advertising and Technology Deliver Purpose and Awareness: Andrew Keller, VP, Global Creative Director of Meta

We asked our 2020 ANDYs jury their thoughts on what the new year will bring us in the advertising industry and Andrew Keller shared:

What creative trends do you think you’ll see in 2020?

People across the globe are facing massive cultural change and political upheaval with no foreseeable end in sight. Marketers will respond the way that the world responds. They will fall into two camps. 1. By fulfilling consumers desire to laugh, playing the role of jester and creating a moment of levity as a reaction and foil to current culture. 2. They will work to help change the world through campaigns with a specific call to action. 

What new forms of technology do you think will play a role in creative campaigns this year?

AR will continue to give brands the opportunity to turn consumers into participants within creative campaigns, sparking true connections and increased attention for brands in a crowded environment. Meta’s Spark AR for example, is making it more accessible for brands of all sizes and types to build augmented reality experiences for consumers.

Is the industry moving forward with integrity and authenticity when they show up in places of social good, or is it woke-washing? 

Marketing and technology are giving people & businesses the opportunity to stand for what they believe in, find their purpose and take action more than arguably, any other time in history. If there is a cause to rally around, be it human rights or a natural disaster, the industry provides both the platform and the funding to raise awareness and drive action. And consumers show up for brands that they feel are doing good for the world. In a recent study, Unilever found that brands taking action for people and the planet grew 69% faster than the rest of their business.

How effective is the advertising industry as a narrator and reflector of culture in this moment of time?

With social media allowing consumers to give feedback about whatever issues, causes and brands they feel passionate about, in real-time, the industry has never had more of an opportunity to impact today’s culture. And as a result of this enormous opportunity, in my opinion, the industry is extremely effective. From Nike to P&G brands and creatives continue to build campaigns based around cultural issues that both unite and divide humanity.