Allyssa Munro | Marketing Consultant, Allyssa Munro Media

What are the most innovative trends happening in advertising now?

The most innovative trends happening in advertising right now goes back to basics; authentic, raw, and impactful content. In an era where consumers value experiences over product, the most innovative brands produce video ads that aren’t forced or made up. They offer a behind the scenes look on how they are fostering life-long experiences, by simply bringing to light the realities of everyday life.

Look at Nike’s LGBTQ campaign with transgender Vogue artist and ballroom dancer, Leiomy Molonado. The 60-second ad pays homage to Harlem’s LGBTQ dance, while promoting Nike’s #BeTrue collection. Whether, it’s 15-, 30-, or 60-second ads, the most innovative ones capture the realness of everyday life from everyday people. Allyssa Munro_Headshot

How do key cultural moments shape your creative/business decisions?

Cultural moments shape both my creative and business decisions because it inspires me to explore stories and key movements that I may not have otherwise been exposed to. Knowing that cultural moments are not synonymous with cultural movements, enables me to dig deeper and analyze the stories being told. Deep diving and better understanding the social conversation, especially as it relates to brand narratives, allows me to make more meaningful and impactful business decisions that is rooted in authenticity.

What are some tips for young professional to stay innovative and bring fresh ideas to the table?

A few tips for young professionals to stay innovative and bring fresh ideas to the table is to first, be well informed on current events and trends. Second, be well-rounded in the news you consume and the people you surround yourself with. By diversifying your media outlets and even industry and cultural associations, you’ll inevitably challenge your thoughts and increase awareness on important topics. By doing this, you will not only stir up fresh ideas but learn how to reach people in more creative ways.