Chris Serino, National Sales Manager | Vector Media

What is reenergizing the creative community to maximize out-of-home?

I believe one of the main factors re-energizing the creative community is the out-of-home companies’ willingness to adapt and become more flexible with our formats. I know for us with our bus inventory
across the country, the ability to allow extensions, fully vibrant illumination and most recently, the opportunity to use 3D embellishments has been instrumental in our growth.

As out-of-home continues to evolve, combining the art and science of technology, what is it that excites you most about out-of-home?

Combining the art of science and technology has been an enormous benefit for our medium. Having the ability to show clients the creative possibilities before we post has been incredible. We’ve recently begun showing clients what their ads can look like with 3D graphics which has made
an enormous impact.

Imagine it is the year 2026; tell us how out-of-home is being used and what impact it is making?

I have no doubt that out-of-home will continue to evolve and thrive well past 2026. And for the most obvious of reasons, “You Can’t Turn Us Off!” We’re out there 24/7 surrounding people while they work, live and play!