D2C: An Intentional Pause From Technology

D2C: An Intentional Pause From Technology


D2C: An Intentional Pause From Technology

DATE: WED, January 23, 2019


LOCATION:  HAYDEN5 | 22 W27th St 6th Fl. 10001

The AD Club Young Professional Committee presents a movement to take an intentional pause from technology in order to restore wellness and balance. It is important that we reflect on the meaning of "connection" in the rapidly changing digital world. Industry professionals will dive in to topics about the influence of new technology and future of maintaining authentic connection. They will discuss the benefits and challenges to taking an "intentional pause" from technology, and ways in which to best institute new boundaries for personal and professional wellness.

Attendees will have the opportunity to power off, unapologetically, in order to truly connect with the people around them and contribute to the turn-key conversation about wellness and in today's digital landscape.


- Marketers + Agencies + Media + Innovators/Entrepreneurs… + anyone who wants to join the movement in order to restore and institute personal and professional wellness! 

Panel Discussion Moderated by:

  • Kai Lawson, Integrated Producer, Blogger & Co-Host, Mixed Company Podcast

Panelist Guests: 

  • Nai Vasha Colette, Artist, Creative Strategist, Co-Founder, Undo-Ordinary 
  • Heidi Hackemer, Founder, So We Hunt
  • Julie Holland MD., Psychiatrist / Author
  • Max Stossel, Head of Education, The Center for Humane Technology 


  • Johanna Dempsey, Membership & Professional Development Coordinator, The AD Club
  • Kendall Quinn, Ad Innovation, Turner
  • Estie Wassner, Creative, BARKER
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