i'mPART hosted the Diversity Mixer IV: Exploring the LGBTQ Business Imperative

Last night’s Diversity Mixer IV featured a robust and inspiring conversation on the LGBTQ business imperative.

Microsoft’s Kristin Ogdon served as the events moderator. Kristin Ogdon heads the Client Engagement and Experiential Marketing efforts for the Bing Ads team at Microsoft.

She was joined in a Fireside Chat by Peter D. Barbey, President & CEO of The Village Voice in New York and the Reading Eagle Company in Reading, Pennsylvania. The discussion centered around the TVV brand being an authentic ally of the LGBTQ community which is why they started a new Pride Awards and relaunch this year.

Recognizing that the inclusion journey does not happen overnight and companies are seeking guidance, Kristin shared the stage with Jason Tennenbaum and Vanessa Vining to discuss how one starts to make a difference?

Jason Tennenbaum is a Connections Manager at Mediavest | Spark, the largest U.S. media agency at Publicis Groupe, where he works with brands to develop and activate strategic multimedia frameworks.  In addition, Jason serves as the Co-Lead of Publicis Groupe’s Égalité New York chapter.  Égalité—French for equality and pronounced eh-gah-lee-tay— Publicis Groupe’s Business Resource Group that uplifts and provides resources for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees and their allies. Jason discussed how being out at work and being afforded the opportunity to lead Égalité shaped him, his career and his outlook on Publicis Groupe.

Vanessa Vining, the Media Director at Carol H. William Advertising, is a seasoned media executive with over 24 years of experience in strategy and investment across all consumer targets. The wife and mother of two, answered questions about how she handles conversations with clients and other people that assume she is married to a man.

The audience was so engaged that the Q&A portion was extended three times.


The AD Club proudly introduced i’mPART in 2012 to raise awareness to the benefits of diversity in business and rally professionals around a shared movement. i’mPART calls to mind “I am part” of a movement to drive change in my industry. The acronym represents the pillars of the initiative – to Promote, Attract, Retain and Train multicultural talent.

The purpose of the Diversity Mixers is for diverse industry groups to socialize in a collaborative way to cross pollinate, network, share ideas, and support diversity in our industry . We achieved our goal last night.

Hope to see you at the next Diversity Mixer!