Several years ago, IPG Media Lab's report on digital viewability shook the industry. And for good reason. 31% of digital video ads were not viewable. More than $59B will be spent on TV ads this year, without knowing how viewable the ads are.

Our panel of industry professionals discussed the current state of TV and video advertising.

We are grateful to our speakers, committee members, and our partner TVision for providing a morning of stellar content for the industry.

Speakers featured: 

  • IPG Research Quantifying TV Viewability.  Brand New. 

           Kara Manatt, SVP, Research, IPG Media Lab

  • How to Solve the TV Viewability Problem

          Luke McGuiness, President, TVision

  • The Current State of TV & Video Advertising

          Prabha Cheemalapti, VP, Marketing, Danone

Our Innovate NY series are aimed to provide our member with insights and learning about different market segments in an intimate audience setting.