Inside the Fellowship: The Scoop on PwC "Night School"

What does Executive Training look like to you? In the ACNY i’mPART Fellowship, it goes beyond leadership and innovation. For our Fellows, executive training looks like long nights, deep reflection and extensive planning—in short, at the AD Club, its looks like PwC. Every year our partners, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) lends its advisory services to a new class of Fellows, guiding them towards excellence with the program customized for our Fellows, called, “PwC Night School.”

Our first session with PwC focused on success planning. The Fellows took a minute to set both long- and short-term goals – and discussed what support each would need to accomplish them. Afterwards, AD Club member and PwC consultant, Marissa Fang, and Lanita Patton, took the Fellows through creating a success plan for the rest of the year and beyond. They also took the time to talk about mentorship and what it means to have a good mentor, as well as being a good mentee.

The ACNY Fellows were able to go in-depth on the art of negotiations, as well as building confidence in the workplace with special guest, Andea Campbell, Head of Marketing Strategy & Research, Condé Nast , ’16 i’mPART Fellow.

With such a strong kick-off, this year’s PwC classes are slated to be exponentially beneficial to the Fellows once again. The AD Club and PwC will continue to collaborate on these classes of executive training, hoping to inspire the Fellows to seize the greatness that already lives within them.

“I will continue to reflect back and apply what I learned from the PwC workshops from the topics including negotiation, goal-setting, executive presence, and personal branding. They were all great recipes for success and learning to take the time to pause and reflect is a powerful tool to bridge the knowledge into action steps and insights. ” Jessalin Lam, Director, Precision Marketing Academy – Nissan United at TBWA\Worldwide

Created in 2016 the AD Club of NY made a commitment of $100K annually to retain more diverse talent and promote more women into leadership positions. The ACNY i’mPART Fellowship Program, now in its fourth year, has expanded from helping 10 to over 50 women pursue their goals and elevate their executive presence – providing more access, tools, & nurturing necessary for them to grow and thrive in all aspects of our industry.

Each Fellow receives:

All-Expense Paid Trips to Exclusive Industry Conferences
Customized executive Training ‘Night School’ @PwC
Executive Salon Series – Access to top leaders in small settings; fostering mentor connections and intentional networking
1-year AD Club of NY membership


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