Internship Advice from Patrick Grandinetti, Head of Agency Business Development, Google, Inc.

1. Remember, everything happens for a reason.

2. Be passionate and 100% committed to achieving your goals.

3. People are usually flattered when you ask them for their advice. Frame your ask for career insights this way, and you’re more likely to get the meeting.

4. Asking myself, “What would I regret more, NOT doing?” has always helped me make the right career or life decision.

5. Actively plot your career path: think about your next role as a means to the following role.

6. “Learning agility” breeds success. Being able to successfully master news skills across a variety of roles enables a stronger career trajectory. (i.e. you are not a “one hit wonder”)

7. Relationships matter. Keep LinkedIn current (only accept folks you’ve actually met) and keep in touch with folks who have helped you along the way.

8. Knowledge is Power. How are you getting smarter outside of work? Podcasts are great. One recommendation: HBR IdeaCast from the Harvard Business Review.

9. Establishing a “personal board of directors” (people you casually consult with for advice during your career) can be more powerful than any one mentor.

10. Be curious. Ask tons of questions. Work hard. Speak up!

Bonus: Pay it forward. As I’ve done with you today; help others in the future. Don’t be selfish!