Is Your Company Cultivating a Diverse Workplace?

So why is diversity so important in your internship programs?

If you think interns are just fetching coffee and getting copies, you couldn’t be more wrong. Your internship program is actually a training ground for top talent. Look at your interns and you’ll be looking at the future of your company. The intern hire you make today has a 60 percent probability of being the entry-level superstar of tomorrow.

A more diverse internship pool will also translate into greater entry level diversity – which builds a more diverse workforce and leads to a more profitable and successful company!

works to build and connect a community of diverse and inclusive talent that will fuel our industry’s talent pipeline and foster a new generation of leaders.

The Foundation’s programming and pipeline efforts are thoughtfully and intentionally constructed to Promote, Attract, Retain, and Train an advertising, marketing and media workforce that reflects all communities.

  • We recruit and attract a robust applicant pool of diverse and multicultural college juniors, seniors, and graduate talent by targeting Tri-state area institutions and historical black colleges and universities (HBCU’s).
  • We vet each applicant’s credentials: GPA (3.0+), enrollment status, and conduct a phone/video interviews
  • ACNY Intern Listing (Opens Mid-February). A weekly newsletter shared with recruiters to peruse intern profiles (resumes, letters of recommendation, essays, etc.)
  • We offer enhanced programming for ACNY Interns and Non-ACNY Interns – increasing the value of the internship experience for companies at minimal costs.
    • AD Club membership for one year! (ACNY complimentary; Special pricing for Non-ACNY)
    • LUNCH & LEARN SERIES – (ACNY complimentary; Non-ACNY $125/intern)
    • MENTOR – ACNY Interns will be paired with an AD Club Young Pro mentor for the summer

So how does it work?

  • ACNY recruits/attracts/vets students to be included on the weekly ACNY Intern Listing
  • You Sign up to receive the weekly ACNY Intern Listing which start in Mid-February
  • You Interact (outreach/set up interviews/make offer) with the intern directly
  • Want to Make the Offer? Send email to: to confirm the offer.

It is our mission to keep diversity and inclusion efforts at the top of organization’s priority lists. Research continues to prove that multiple and varied voices have a wide range of experiences, and can help generate new ideas, which keep companies ahead of the competition.

Contact Ericka Riggs, Foundation & Inclusion, Manager if you would like to sign-up to be a part of building a winning workforce culture.