Talent Pipeline Programs…building workforce's reflecting our communities!

THE ADVERTISING CLUB OF NEW YORK’s FOUNDATION is working to build and connect a community of diverse and inclusive talent. It’s where our talent pipeline comes to life!

The Foundation’s programming and pipeline efforts are thoughtfully and intentionally constructed to Promote, Attract, Retain, and Train an advertising, marketing and media workforce that reflects all communities.

Since 1986, our non-profit Foundation has been developing programs and initiatives that invest in the success and sustainability of an exceptional talent pipeline, by providing:

Scholarships & Grants


The Foundation’s rally cry…”I am part of diversity!” – implores our industry’s allies and partners to take active roles in pushing the needle forward on the issues of diversity and inclusion (D&I).

“We believe that Diversity isn’t just a number or a percentage. It isn’t just race, creed gender or sexual orientation. Diversity isn’t just a box to check or ‘the right thing to do.’ Diversity is real life. It’s the different perspectives, backgrounds, lifestyles and thought processes that lead to more creative thinking. Inclusion is welcoming and celebrating these differences and fostering an environment where people feel like they can be and do their best. Increasing diversity and inclusion in the advertising, media and marketing industries is a not only a social mandate, it’s a business one, too. The more companies reflect the markets they serve, the more productivity, innovation and profit they will see.”

AD Club Foundation’s definition of Diversity

i’mPART, the Foundation’s D&I movement was launched in 2012 to elevate awareness to the benefits of diversity in our industry and rally our community around a shared movement – making diversity a priority.

The acronym P.A.R.T. highlights the pillars embedded in the Foundation’s DNA – Promoting, Attracting, Retaining, and Training

Collaborators, partners, and sponsors who have declared, “I’m PART of diversity” have joined with the Foundation to help –

  • Promote our industry to those who may have never considered it; elevate existing D&I programs
  • Attract talented underrepresented individuals to pursue available entry level – to C Suite careers
  • Retain mid-level talent and provide them with executive training and high level access
  • Train dynamic talent by providing outstanding programming, exceptional professional development, access, and more!

Programs revised and inspired by the i’mPART movement to push the needle forward –

For more information –

Foundation and Inclusion programs, contact Ericka Riggs, ericka@theadvertisingclub.org


MEDIACTION The AD Club’s largest fundraiser, supports the Foundation’s programming, thanks to generous media partners who donate part of their print, mobile and digital inventory to the AD Club. In turn, Agencies and Marketers purchase donated inventory for a dual purpose, raising money for programs/initiatives and using media space to advertise as they wish.

For more information on MEDIACTION, contact, Kris Earley, kris@theadvertisingclub.org