Meet The Fellows: Nicole Godreau

Meet The Fellows: Nicole Godreau


Nicole Godreau was fortunate enough to break into the advertising industry when she was given the opportunity to intern at Ogilvy in high school. Nearly a decade later and she continues to love the advertising industry and use her voice to reach back and open doors for others.

In her current role as a Brand Planner at Twitter, she’s on a mission to develop human-centric ideas worth talking about with the world’s top marketers and agencies. She’s had the opportunity to work with clients within the retail, travel, and financial service industries, leveraging her strategic and intuitive thinking to make an impact on the business.

When George Floyd’s murder re-energized the BLM movement, Nicole channeled her outrage and frustration into action by co-leading the development of the “Cultural Strategy Initiative” to increase cultural intelligence and drive culturally relevant work on her team.

Nicole was selected for Adweek’s Rising Mentorship Program, where she was connected with and mentored by successful senior-level marketers. As an Ithaca College Alumna, she is also a 2018 ADCOLOR Future, and Emma Bowen Foundation alumna.

Nicole approaches both her corporate and community-driven work through the lens of inclusion and empowerment to shift culture.

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The i’mPART Women’s Fellowship, created in 2016, made a commitment of $100K annually to retain more diverse talent and promote more women into leadership positions. Now in its sixth year, the program has expanded from helping 10 to over 50 women pursue their goals and elevate their executive presence – providing more access, tools, & nurturing necessary for them to grow and thrive in all aspects of our industry.

Each Fellow receives:

  • All-expense registrations for industry conferences including but not limited to: ADCOLOR, Advertising WEEK NY, ANA, BE Women of Power Summit, 3% Movement Conference, SXSW, Fast Company Innovation Festival, CultureCon
  • Educational workshops, webinars and master classes
  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
  • Neuro-assessments to determine strengths
  • Monthly night school with PwC Executive Training Program
  • Executive Salon Series fostering mentor connections and high-level networking opportunities
  • 1-year AD Club of NY membership
  • Access to the industries top leaders

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