Melissa Kaylor|Global Industry Development Lead, Verizon Media

What does it mean to receive the President Award?

The President Award represents recognition from an organization with deep values and is about the commitment to having profound conversations with real people. The Ad Club has given me and Verizon Media a great community and platform for meaningful conversations about the future of trust and values within our industry.


What does work/life balance look like in your life?

Work/life balance starts with reflection around personal and professional goals. For me, hitting the right threshold of pushing boundaries and learning everyday is extremely important. However, like a lot of people in this industry, these things sometimes land me working overtime, attending many meetings, or standing in a downpour in midtown on my way to a partner dinner. I try to balance some of those challenging moments out with trips to Boston or LA to see the friends and family I have there.

What tips would you give your younger self when it comes to work/life balance?

Listen to your instincts and your mentors. 

Tune out pressures and noise, and practice mindfulness when it comes to your strengths, interests, and goals. 

When I started my career in ad sales, I was thinking about what the media industry could do for me. Over time, I started to focus more on what I wanted to contribute to the industry. As a result, I made the move from sales to marketing, and moved from Boston to NYC. These were some of the best changes I made in my career. 

Listen to your mentors. When you are young, you do not know what you have not experienced. There is nothing more powerful than the advice of an experienced mentor and advocate. I have been incredibly lucky to work with many remarkable, tenured and wise executives. If you are fortunate enough to catch the ear of some respected colleagues, take the time to ask advice and listen. 

What do you think the benefits of unplugging are?

Real human connection, mindfulness, and self reflection. I cannot overstate the value of any of these three things. Unplugging is vital.