Neurodiversity Initiative: Creative Spirit

Q&A with Former AD Club Board President, Chief Partnerships Officer, Organic; and Co-founder of Creative Spirit

What is Creative Spirit?

Creative Spirit is the first global organization to match neurodiverse candidates – who are currently unemployed at an astounding 85% – with fair wage integrated positions at the best companies in the world. Creative Spirit is a certified 501c3 corporation. The ADVERTISING Club of New York is a founding partner. The Advertising Club’s rich heritage of nurturing diverse talent means extraordinary support for member companies and ALL industry talent. 

How do you work with HR directors and facilitate the job hiring process?

We work with companies who are devoted to diversity and inclusion and want to expand their talent pools. Creative Spirit sources talented individuals with IDDs and works with HR directors and corporations to help them understand the candidates needs in order to efficiently match them with their organizations. Creative Spirit  trains candidates and prepares them for work. With our strong coaching staff, we provide the invaluable support that talent needs to make everyone successful. Our goal is 100% retention.

What are the steps companies/organizations need to take in order to create a diverse and inclusive workforce?

The first three steps in making a commitment to diversity is including those with disabilities in your hiring agenda, starting an employee resource group and engaging Creative Spirit to help provide candidates and training. Creative Spirit provides lifelong coaches for individuals with IDDs and their hiring managers. Companies can also contribute by contributing to Creative Spirit by contacting us at

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