Out of Home: Thunderdome


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Location: Zoom Webinar; Time: 12:00-1:00pm

In a year riddled with challenges, The AD Club of New York continues to spotlight the benefits and strengths of Out-of-Home messaging in this lively, speed-round event featuring teams of media buyers and sellers as they knock down the challenges of the day and spotlight the wins for brands taking advantage of this medium.

Join us for this virtual experience with industry experts as they answer the hard questions and deliver a compelling narrative on the hot topics in out of home now!


12:00 – Opening Remarks
12:05 – 12:55 – Teams of Media Buyers & Sellers Address How OOH Can Do the Following:

  • Round 1 – Help Drive a Company’s Purpose
  • Round 2 – Reach Consumers Now
  • Round 3 – Integrate with DSPs to Enhance an Omnichannel Buy
  • Round 4 – Allow Brands to Leverage Dynamic Creative Optimization
  • Round 5 – Connect Local Audiences & Communities
  • Round 6 – Fit into the Larger Media Mix
  • Round 7 – Connect with Consumers in Transit Post-Pandemic
  • Round 8 – Deliver More Quality Data Points Than Ever
  • Round 9 – Provide More Digital Opportunities for Media Buyers
  • Round 10 – Is Poised for the Return of Sports & Entertainment