Prioritizing Purpose Over Purchase: Amy Emmerich, Chief Content Officer of Refinery29

We asked our 2020 ANDYs jury their thoughts on what the new year will bring us in the advertising industry and Amy Emmerich shared:

What creative trends do you think you’ll see in 2020?

Simplicity and specificity; minimal concepts to combat the inundation of stories around the audience 

What new forms of technology do you think will play a role in creative campaigns this year?

Interactive will be the name of the game in all experiential activations. Voice technology will also begin to shift the habits of culture as we learn new ways to live with machines and the campaigns will drive that shift in consumer behavior. The use of facial recognition and personalized delivery will also tailor the messages created.

Is the industry moving forward with integrity and authenticity when they show up in places of social good, or is it woke-washing?

It’s a fine line. As the rooms themselves become more diverse, so will the output. As brands themselves prioritize their purpose over the purchase  then the integrity and authenticity shines through.

How effective is the advertising industry as a narrator and reflector of culture in this moment of time?

The industry is currently reflecting the mass culture but we need to predict instead of react in order to bring stories from the margins to mass market. Be where they are, so they can propel your story forward with you.