Regina Guinto|Director, Creative Strategy, Jun Group

What does it mean to receive the Rising Star Award?

Gina, Cathryn, Ericka and the entire team at the Advertising Club have fostered an incredible community where every voice and every point of view matters. I’m grateful to be supported and inspired by the Young Professional Committee – it’s the greatest honor to stand alongside such a warm, talented, and creative group of people. 


What does work/life balance look like in your life?

Work/life balance is about surrounding yourself with the right people. There are always going to be things out of your control – you need friends and family who support you when work gets in the way, and a team at work that supports you when you need personal time. Work/life balance can look different every single day, and a strong support system gives you the space to achieve your goals

What tips would you give your younger self when it comes to work/life balance?

Work and life will never be perfectly balanced – and that’s okay. Work runs over into life, and life will run over into work. It will be messy and uncomfortable, and you should learn to lean into the discomfort because that’s where true growth happens. 

What do you think the benefits of unplugging are?

There’s an unspoken pressure to always be “on” and available. Unplugging a little every day gives you the time to check in and take care of yourself. For me, unplugging is going to yoga, reading a book, or cooking dinner. It looks different for everyone, and finding a break from technology gives you an important mental reset every day.