State of the Industry with Talent in Mind

By Angelo Scialfa III, President, Fox Run Group

As agencies have faced recent financial hardships due to the current climate, how do you think they can make hiring new talent a priority?

Not sure hiring of new talent is a priority or will be a priority until there is some changes in the economic climate.  However, what may be a good idea is to look at what talent is in the marketplace and start networking as a company with new talent and showcase your company.  When things turn around next year your company will be in a position to contact a network of prospects who are already familiar with your company and work.

How should agencies address the issue of lack of Black employees in mid- to senior to C-Suite roles?

Yes, this has been an ongoing concern of many companies.  However, there are steps that can be take and should be taken to recruit, train and retain.  Recruiting needs to start in the colleges and to bring more people in to our business of color, we need to establish relationships with HBCU schools that have communications degree programs to start the recruiting.

Second, companies need to have training programs to bring these young professionals along so they may advance into mid to senior level positions.  We must retain young talent and show them a path of growth.

How do you think the new class of talent can reshape the agency landscape?

Not sure yet.

What advice do you have for the next class of talent entering the workforce?

Ask yourself, is this the business I really want to be in!  Then, find a mentor you can work with to guide you through the first 5 years of your career.  This is invaluable to your success.

What does the conversation around talent look like one year from now?

I’m not sure the conversation will change much from qualifications.  But certainly the company/agency needs to reflect the marketplace they serve better than most companies do now.