Technology, Innovation and the New Normal with Analisa Goodin, Founder and CEO, Catch&Release

Are there any new policies that your company/agency has put in place to help keep employees inspired during this time? We switched up our monthly employee newsletter to feature all the different things our employees are doing to stay active/creative/curious while sheltering-in-place. Many of our employees are talented artists and creators in their own right, so it’s always a surprise-and-delight when you get to see what they’ve been up to!

What kind of technology do you think has become more popular in the advertising space due to COVID-19 and do you think it’ll continue to remain popular beyond COVID-19? Technology that brings people together in a  productive way, and enables them to work with increased speed and agility, especially when it comes to alternatives to live-action productions. For example, virtual video villages and content sourcing platforms can help smooth the tensions of producing a commercial remotely. Catch&Release is solving for this by providing a collaborative workspace where creative teams can find and organize content from anywhere on the web, and clear and license it for commercial use. Our platform is all about enabling great creative to scale.

Has your company/agency developed any local creative initiatives to support the community? We launched our Contributor Network back in December, which allows anyone (professional content creator or otherwise) to offer up their photos and videos for commercial licensing opportunities. Since then, we’ve seen an uptick in our own customers joining, too — creatives and producers that use Catch&Release for client projects are signing up to contribute their content for other creatives to license for their projects. Talk about a win-win for the creative community!

As May is Mental Health Awareness month, how are you creating a healthy + supportive remote working environment for your teams in this new normal? We host a virtual Movement & Meditation class every Wednesday, in an effort to carve out dedicated time and space for employees to just breathe, away from the stressors of the workday.