The Creative Group's 2014 Salary Guide

SketchWhether you’re looking for the latest creative and marketing salary data, want to know a starting graphic designer salary or simply feel like crunching numbers on our salary calculator, The Creative Group’s buzzworthy Salary Center is your definitive salary hot spot. Check it out here: Salary Center.

TCG’s annual salary guide for creative and marketing professionals is more than just your source for creative, advertising, marketing and PR salaries – it’s brimming with hot hiring trends and bold job descriptions. Oh, and did we mention that the theme is coffee? Because there’s more where that came from.

Think of TCG as your “salary barista,” serving up the latest compensation data and hiring information to help you make the best hiring and employment decisions. If you’re looking to hire, you’ll find tips for attracting the “crema” of the creative crop. And if you’re seeking new employment opportunities, discover what top companies look for in creative candidates – like rich industry experience and social media expertise.