The Power of H2H Marketing

By Andrea Catsicas

Communication is everything.

Andrea Catsicas

Andrea Catsicas

Whether it be in business or in our personal lives, we, as humans, thrive, even crave, the intimate contact that accompanies communication. But when it comes down to business, the days of communication only via business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) is officially a thing of the past. With social media and the infinite resources of reaching out online, it is now human to human (H2H) marketing that is in demand.

With digital, mobile and social media all blending together to make up the perfect H2H marketing concoction, we remain at an advantage that our predecessors lacked. Technology is on our side, as we build more personalized relationships with clients. Still, the most vital cautionary steps would be to make sure that as we communicate and remain so available and so reachable through social media, email, texting, etc., that we do not lose sight of the personal, albeit human touch, that coincides with H2H marketing. In other words, we cannot get so caught up in being so connected, that we actually lose that H2H connection.

There is great irony is using caution to not become so connected digitally, that we lose the human connection from which every business benefits. We are able to take advantage of these uber-avaiable digital outlets, but must always remember that until we meet face to face, the human factor is not at 100%. The foundation and the groundwork for H2H marketing can be done via technological outlets, but in the end, there will always be that certain reassurance that many business owners expect to solidify a deal or working relationship.

In order to keep a proper balance of H2H marketing and assume the role as a less human robotic company, be sure to focus on the things that benefit both your clients and yourself. Are you communicating digitally but still remaining personal enough to build a solid foundation with a new client? Do you offer communication via a multitude of digital outlets, yet are still always available for face-to-face meetings? Is your staff properly trained to work the balance between both of these things?

These are things to consider as you continue to contribute to building a solid H2H marketing plan for your clients.

At the end of the day, H2H marketing should focus on the idea that using social media, email and other technologies is an advantage and an additional enhancement of the way successful businesses are handled. While not fully relying on H2H marketing, it should continue to grow as a vital part of your business plan. Before you know it, you will build a stronger client base, as well as more intimate and personal relationships by using these modern day communication methods. But never forget the power of a handshake and a smile.

Andrea Catsicas is CEO and President of Peak Interest a Full Marketing and Media Solution where she delivers results that draw on her experience from Coca-Cola North America,  Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Zimmerman Advertising (Omnicom).  Follow her on Twitter at @AndreaCatsicas.