Who are leaders that are inspiring you to be brave during this time?

From Member Deborah Stambaugh, Head of Strategic Marketing, Samsung Ads

Leaders are those who lead within their organization by inspiring others, offering support and embracing challenges especially during times of uncertainty. For me, our very own Cathy Oh, Global Head of Marketing & Analytics, at Samsung Ads, is among the many women who embody that spirit of tenacity and drive to lead their team during this time. She is a driving force behind Samsung Ads’ exponential growth, and was both the first and youngest woman appointed to Samsung Ad’s leadership team. Cathy is an inclusive leader that believes in developing talent and is dedicated to creating and empowering diverse teams in her organizations through any hardship. 

Cathy is steadfast in her leadership serves as an example for other women daring to make their mark in their respective industries, which is important now more than ever given unforeseeable challenges and heightened isolation. Moreover, Cathy has always made a concerted effort to encourage diversity in her teams, in terms of ethnicity, culture, and gender balance, as well as professional history, proving her to be an esteemed leader. 

In fact, Cathy showcased her ongoing commitment to diversity through the launch of Women+. Women+ is a global initiative, spanning across four countries, eight cities and 14 teams, that encompasses more than 150 women. The goal of this program is to connect women globally within Samsung Ads, drive more networking opportunities both internally and externally, and further establish our relationship within the larger Samsung group, Women in Samsung Electronics (WISE). Through mentorship, recognition, sharing of personal journeys and lessons learned, Cathy is empowering and nurturing our diverse talent with tangible benefits in our lives and our careers.

If that isn’t enough of a testament, Cathy and the work of her colleagues were recognized by AdAge as a Best Places to Work in 2020, further emphasizing the empowered and entrepreneurial culture she has built.