2022 Predictions with VMLY&R NY’s Chief Creative Officer

Q&A with Wayne Best, Chief Creative Officer, VMLY&R NY

In your opinion, what was the best 2021 brand campaign(s) and why?

I know I should choose some NFT idea or metaverse activation, but I’m choosing Discover the originals, a Swedish Tourism campaign. It is so simple and smart. I have wondered about those odd Ikea product names for years and now I know where they come from. Juxtaposing those products with places in Sweden got me to watch a 2-minute tourism video. Twice. And visit the website.

What do you think will be the major advertising trends to look out for in 2022?

As we all discover more about the metaverse, I’m sure every brand will be scrambling to be part of it. Especially if Covid continues to make the real world less accessible.

What is your impression of brands that continuously evolve their messaging around the pandemic during these unprecedented times? Does it resonate positively or negatively?

It depends on the brand really. If you’re a disinfectant, it makes complete sense. If you’re a luxury car, it probably doesn’t. I think the question a brand needs to ask itself is if it truly has permission to engage the world in that conversation. Is it relevant and meaningful to your product, service or mission. If not, move on.

How do you see the world of advertising technology changing in 2022?

We need to be actual innovators ourselves. Not sponsoring others, riding tech companies' coattails, or putting another billboard in a virtual world. We need to be creating those worlds. And using technology to become smarter about how we serve our client’s customers. Which also means agencies need to invest in the right people, even if it’s not within traditional scopes.