A Hot Start to the New Year – Measurement Importance (Staying ahead)



At the tail end of last year, IAB released key trends in digital advertising for 2024, among them being the need for greater innovation in cross-channel measurement tools.

Advertisers and brand marketers have always needed some form of results to analyze and validate their investment, and to help guide future spend.

However, in a time of rapid transformation in the digital advertising landscape, measuring effectiveness isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Gone are the days where digital’s impact was measured purely by reach and clicks. It’s now focused more on providing a holistic view of performance by capturing and measuring consumer actions and attitudes: awareness, attention, perception and consideration.

At Future, we connect advertisers with customers during a critical decision-making time in the buying process, creating strong demand from our clients for measurement and effectiveness solutions that help prove the full-funnel impact of a campaign and provide the insights needed to optimize for the future.

To meet this demand, we developed a proprietary Effectiveness Suite — a set of tailored solutions that helps prove the value of advertising campaigns and branded content initiatives of all sizes across our portfolio of games, technology, fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle media brands.

Through this capability, one leading beauty retailer running a campaign across various Future fashion, beauty and homes titles and platforms was able to see an increase in positive association and consideration, with brand awareness of the retailer’s new cosmetic line at the center of the campaign more than doubling amongst readers.

Being able to show clients this level of return is immensely valuable – we’ve found some clients won’t sign onto a campaign without it – and in turn it helps us better understand our own audiences.

Thanks to our Effectiveness studies, we know that on average, three-quarters of our audience find the advertising they engage with on Future platforms informative (78%), trusted (74%) and relevant (71%).

When it comes to cross-channel campaign measurement, digital publishers with multiple brands and platforms within a single portfolio should invest in tailored solutions that transcend reach. Doing so might just result in greater ad spend from returning clients and success in the long run

By Ali Dib, Head of US Agency Strategy at Future, shares the campaign effectiveness approach recently launched by Future to help advertisers understand the multi-dimensional ROI of their campaigns