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A Journey of Inclusion: Gina Grillo’s Passionate Mission in the Advertising World

In a Legends & Leadership conversation with Jack Myers, Gina Grillo, President and CEO of The Advertising Club of New York and International ANDY Awards, shared her passion, commitment, and her relentless pursuit of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in the advertising industry.

Gina, a visionary leader with over 15 years at the helm of the AD CLUB, carries a palpable passion for inclusivity. Her tenure has been marked by a dedicated push towards ensuring that every individual in the advertising world feels they belong, a belief she articulately expresses: "It's our responsibility as I think it's the responsibility of all organizations and the leadership of organizations to make sure that everybody feels that they belong, that they're accepted." This belief is not just rhetoric; it is the guiding principle behind the AD CLUB's initiatives.

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Join the marketing and advertising community on April 11 for the induction of The Advertising Club of New York and International ANDY Awards into the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors at Hall des Lumiéres in New York. This recognition serves as a testament to the club's unwavering commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in the advertising industry. For details visit

Under Gina's leadership, the AD CLUB has taken bold steps to ensure diversity is not just a buzzword but an integral part of the industry's fabric. From high school matchmaking initiatives to internships for college students and fellowships for mid-career women, the club's programs reflect a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in fostering a diverse talent pipeline. Gina's commitment to these causes is evident in her words: "We know they're there, but it's a matter of going out of our way because these people haven't had the platforms before."

The conversation with Myers also highlighted the AD CLUB's role in bridging gaps between the creative and media sides of the industry and demystifying modern technologies. Gina noted the importance of leaning into new technologies like AI and VR, not as a threat but as an enhancement to creativity. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the advertising industry remains at the forefront of innovation and inclusivity.

The international scope of the AD CLUB's efforts is showcased through the International ANDY Awards global competitions, which have allowed a broader spectrum of creative work from different cultures to be recognized and celebrated. Gina's excitement about this global showcase was palpable, reinforcing the club's commitment to a diverse and inclusive industry.

As Gina Grillo and the AD CLUB continue their journey of inclusion, their story is one that resonates with hope, inspiration, and a call to action. This conversation is a compelling invitation to witness the evolution of an industry as it embraces diversity and inclusion. It's not just an interview; it's an exploration of a world where advertising not only reflects but celebrates the rich tapestry of human diversity.

To truly grasp the depth of Gina's passion and the transformative work of the AD CLUB, viewers are encouraged to watch the full video conversation here or above. It's an opportunity to be part of a narrative that's shaping the future of advertising – a future where everyone has a seat at the table and every voice is heard.