AD Club Leaders: What is the Biggest Challenge Facing Marketing Leaders Today?

For this month’s AD Club Leader’s question, we asked Lee Nadler, Marketing Communications Manager at MINI USA the following question:

In the constantly evolving marketing landscape, marketers are tasked with staying ahead of trends, retaining cutting-edge talent, creating an authentic brand voice, and learning how to use the latest technologies and platforms to engage consumers in innovative and meaningful ways. It’s a tough job and there are a hundred things marketers have to think about each and every day to push their brand forward. In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing CMOs today? Why? What can they do overcome it?

Lee Nadler, Mini Marketing Communications Manager, MINI USA

Here’s what he had to say:

The biggest challenge facing marketers today is the need to keep pace with constant change while staying true to your brand’s vision. Because of the lightning quick technologies, platforms and tools entering the market, as well as the disruptions in every industry (including transportation for MINI) it’s become more challenging than ever to ensure your content and messages resonate with target audience needs.

MINI has tried to overcome these challenges by continuing to push against the conventions of the automotive category by making the cars and the experience fun. When it comes to keeping the MINI values alive, we continue to find new and unique ways to connect with consumers. Whether it’s the launch of a new car with Tony Hawk launching over the car or MINI TAKES THE STATES cross country Motoring event, MINI makes extensive use of digital, video and social channels in its communication efforts.