Adapting to New Technologies to Address Client Needs


Maria Breza, VP, Data Platform Operations shares what new technologies and related skills SXM Media has adapted most recently to address client needs.

Across the podcasting industry, measurement, especially around brand safety and suitability, remains a barrier to entry for more brands entering the space. One tool we’ve just launched is a first-to-market brand safety and suitability verification solution for podcast advertisers, which we’re very excited about. In collaboration with Barometer and ArtsAI, this solution will offer podcast advertisers the opportunity to measure brand safety and suitability with a third party, offering more transparency than ever before. And we’re working on similar tools with Magellan AI and Sounder, and vendors across the space.

With this technology, advertisers will continue to choose their contextual targeting for a campaign through SXM Media, using advanced targeting solutions we’ve developed with AdsWizz. Now, they can run an ArtsAI pixel on the campaign, which Barometer will use to measure suitability and safety of that targeting and give brands a true measure of how successful the brand safety and suitability targeting is. Reporting is available mid-campaign so advertisers can optimize in real time in flight, and post campaign analysis will include brand suitability and contextual insights.

We believe this will drive new brand advertisers to the space, who have been waiting for third party measurement and verification around this metric. We’ve long known that podcasting is a unique, conversational medium – with its intimate 1:1 style of communication and the authenticity of the host read ad, it’s easy to understand that brand safety and suitability is going to be very nuanced. To fully unlock spend and realize expansive reach, advertisers need new tools to keep their brand’s safe in this environment. Marketers are up for the risk when it comes to podcast advertising; they just want the tools to understand how to manage it. With the introduction of this verification solution, this is going to be a huge conversation-starter for us and for brands who want to better navigate brand suitability in podcasting.

Most of all, it’s not just about measuring this metric and moving on. With the medium still being so nascent, it’s about measuring brand safety and suitability and then having the deeper conversations to contextualize what it means and help advertisers embrace the unique nature of podcasts. You can learn more here.