ADTHINK Entrepreneurs: Q&A with Jesse Leimgruber, Founder/CEO of NEOREACH


In honor of AD Club’s ADTHINK this Thursday, May 28, we wanted to ask some of our entrepreneurs a few questions on what they think their biggest risks were in starting a business, how their company stands out among the rest, what they’re looking forward to the most on Thursday and much more! If you haven’t registered for ADTHINK yet, you still have time – register here today!

See what Jesse Leimgruber, Founder/CEO of NEOREACH had to say…

What is the biggest risk your venture has taken to succeed?  How has it paid off?

Misha and I were studying at Stanford but we dropped out to focus on NeoReach full time. Since dropping out, we’ve raised millions in VC funding and grown quite a bit, it’s looking good so far.

What’s one way you have made your company stand out within the saturated ad/tech space?

Many companies in the influencer marketing space focus on relationships, not technology. With NeoReach we built search and analytics technology for brands agencies to run intelligent influencer marketing campaigns, as opposed for campaigns ran by guessing or intuition. Then, for customers with advanced needs, NeoReach offers full-service consulting, influencer coordination, and campaign planning and execution which many companies do not offer.

What can older, legacy brands be doing in terms of technology adoption in order to keep up?

If they have a problem, there is probably a startup working on solution. If they can’t find a startup working on a solution, there is team of developers ready to listen to them and build anything they ask, just to get their first customer.

 What’s on your radar for 2015? What are some of your company’s goals?

Agencies are getting smarter about influencer marketing. The space is growing up and we want to build even more technology for brands and agencies to scale their campaigns through 2015. Our primary goal is to sustain month of month budget increases from our key customers.

What are you looking forward to the most at this year’s ADTHINK?

We’ve got some great data, case studies, and technology that I’m excited to share. It’s a great opportunity to show some key learnings to some great marketers and agencies. It’s also a great time to get valuable feedback some of the biggest names in ad tech.