ADTHINK VI: The Brightest in Ad/Tech

The AD Club presented its quarterly ADTHINK event on September 16th alongside sponsor Davis & Gilbert. Hosted at Microsoft’s new NYC headquarters, the event was a huge success! Thanks to our friends at evol8tion, whose own CEO Joseph Jaffe moderated the evening, for the great recap — check out the repost from their blog below!

Did you miss last night’s Ad Think event featuring our CEO, Joseph Jaffe, as moderator? No problem! As always, the Evol8tion team is here to recap the event for you. Check out the startups that pitched last night below.

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First, we have Thinglink, a company that asks a simple question: Are your images driving and measuring reach and engagement?

Targeting publishers, brands, and agencies, Thinglink powers interactive images for 800,000 content creators. Rather than using a typical stock image, a brand can utilize Thinglink’s images with interactive elements to user increase engagement online.

Besides increasing engagement with these images, Thinglink allows their client to see how many embeds, image views, and tag clicks they received using the startup’s interactive images. They even aggregate metrics across all the platforms the image was used on.

And, according to Thinglink CEO Ulla-Maaria Engeström, these interactive images will double or triple engagement time.

Follow them @ThingLink

Next, we have TreSensa—a startup that specializes in creating branded games for the mobile web.

Since a lot of people spend a good amount of time playing games on mobile devices, TreSensa began with the idea that branded mobile games could reach and entertain a lot of people while providing brands with more engagement. Their evidence? Well, game users were found to have 97 percent message comprehension.

Plus, these HTML5 games are easy to distribute for brands. Just embed the game wherever you’d like—there’s no need to download anything! On average, these branded games have a play time of 3-10 minutes, and brands pay for TreSensa based on a performance cost-per-engagement basis.

You can try some of their games on their site, or just follow them@TreSensa for more information.

Fun fact: this next startup purchased their domain from an ex-felon, and it’s called—a social polling site for brands and publishers.

With the ability to operate on Meta, Twitter, Tumblr, and other web properties, Wedgies gives brands and publishers an easy and brandable way to survey their audience. And, the poll updates results in real time.

After LeBron’s big move back to Cleveland this summer, NBA 2K 2015 asked fans who they think is the best team in the NBA’s Eastern Conference by using Wedgies. After only 15 minutes, 4,000 people casted their votes on the tweeted Wedgies poll, and NBA 2K 2015 received 300 percent higher engagement than a typical tweet.

Brands and publishers can use this social poll to easily gauge the sentiment of their audience on any given subject.

Find out more about Wedgies by following them @wedgies.

Last but not least, we have Inside Social.

Inside Social built a social marketing platform that helps large brands do better social marketing. With a focus on earned social, the startup helps brands utilize the full potential of social media by tracking vital metrics and giving meaningful insights across three segments: Channels, content, and consumers.

Since Inside Social is also concerned with helping brands track social ROI, they provide valuable information. This includes finding out which social network drives the most value per share for their brand, identifying key influencers, assisting in CRM, and creating paid social posts.

During a time when 90 percent of 18-29-year-olds use social media, Inside Social helps brands utilize social media effectively, while tracking one of the most important social metrics of all for brands—ROI.

Follow them @Inside_Social

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