Boosting Local Search Results with Cross-Device Retargeting

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Local search provides one of the most cost-effective solutions for delivering qualified leads to national brands and business owners. However, prospective customers sometimes need a bit more time, often jumping from local search results to other activities on multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets without making desired product or service decisions.

According to a recent YPSM and comScore study, 63% of all online consumers in the US readily switch devices to complete their local business search. Up to now, when potential customers moved beyond initial local search results, consistently contacting them again across devices has proven somewhat problematic.

YP Cross Device Retargeting addresses this challenge; offering brands a way to ‘continue the dialogue’ with potential customers who require more time to take action regardless of the subsequent device used or their present location.

Minutes, hours or even days later, brands can now travel with YP audiences all the way from initial expressions of interest to the “last mile” of a consumer’s path to purchase to influence behavior and potential results.