OOH:NOW – Gaining Momentum & Market Share 2019

Brian Rappaport, CEO, Quan Media Group

As out-of-home continues to evolve, combining the art and science of technology, how should both the buy and sell sides should be framing themselves for this new era of OOH transaction?

I think it’s important that both sides work together focusing on how OOH growth is real, that brands are investing more in the channel not only for the awareness play – but because we can now get so much more refined in regards to measurement, and attribution – as well as personalization.  The buying side should be leaning on the selling side to be a true partner not only in bringing forward opportunities that make sense for their respective brands/clients – but how to tailor them based on audience, and ensuring that growth is seen so that investment in the channel continues to trend upwards.

What do you think is on the mind of BRANDS in relation to out-of-home?

I think as OOH lives beyond the traditional space/activation – and establishes a second life within social media, brands are looking to “build a community” around their products and services.  How can they maximize social chatter, earned media impressions, and create true brand affinity around their OOH activations.  It can be as simple as Casper puzzles on brand trains throughout the NYC subway system – or HBO utilizing Augmented Reality to create an “out of this world” bus shelter for their new show “Watchmen” – brands want to stand out, be different, and develop trust.

What is re-energizing the creative community to maximize out-of-home?

I think the evolution of the OOH space, and increased development of DOOH assets.  On top of both of those thoughts – comes experiential/non-traditional opportunities (i.e. brands finding ways to integrate themselves into music festivals, key lifestyle events, sporting events) – which allows them to create that 1:1 connection with potential consumers and their audience.  There are now so many different types of canvas’ in the OOH ecosystem, the creative community can have a field day – be it – creating giant 3D Cat ears on tops of taxis in NYC for the movie adaptation of “Cats” – or Zelle throwing a dance party by day, and a wind down chill party by night on ferries heading to Governor’s Ball Music Festival.  It’s a fun time to play in the OOH space.

What brands have you observed “doing OOH right” as of late?

For me there are so many, but I want to be diverse with the categories – Delta and their massive painted walls that doubled as scenic backdrops for social media (2 years or so ago), Casper & their puzzles on their brand trains in NYC – along with Spotify and their David Bowie Subway Domination (along w/ branded metrocards) to celebrate his Brooklyn Museum exhibit, HBO & their Augmented Reality bus shelter in LA for “Watchmen”, or even simple messaging like “Hinge” telling people to delete their app!

How do you define what it means to be a “modern marketer” today?

I think it means understanding how to create a media mix that’s most effective for a brand – not just siloing yourself within one channel – or tactic, but rather be open to testing & learning, and truly understanding what resonates deepest within your target audience.

We are creating a “Media Archive” section on our website featuring our event speakers’ current favorite book, blog, television show, podcast. As we wrap up the year, do you have one to share with us? 

Let’s go with Television Show and staying within the theme of media, it has to be “Succession” – what a masterpiece of a show, and Brian Cox/Jeremy Strong both are absolutely incredible.  Only 2 seasons down – so not too bad if you’re looking to binge!