Built to Last with 360° Sustainability

Built to Last with 360° Sustainability

By Colossal Media

In a business where our proudest hand-painted achievements are all ephemeral, it’s the relationship with our craft, our partners, and our neighborhoods that endures. While we’re reducing our carbon footprint, we’re strengthening community bonds and creating indelible memories. Colossal Media was founded on a rich artistic heritage, and we intend to continue a powerful legacy through sustainable practices in every aspect of our business.

“There’s something inherent to the tactile quality of hand paint that’s so powerful. In this era of hyper convenience, exerting effort for our art feels important.” — John Samels, Creative Director at Colossal Media

This monumental, multi-wall OOH mural campaign was designed to highlight Volvo’s sustainable goals, including being fully electric by 2030. It reads “Climate change is the ultimate safety test.”


A Sustainable Environmental Approach

At Colossal Media, we recycle all possible materials and use every drop of paint to minimize waste and guarantee hand paint as a sustainable option. Learn more.

We're excited to now offer EnhanceAir, Powered by PURETi, a clear topcoat that destroys pollutants contributing to air pollution and global warming; creating environmentally sustainable advertising campaigns. Learn more.

“In my years on the sales team, I never felt I was selling a product. What we’re providing is connection, a better and more beautiful option for the environment and audience.” — Jen Edelberg, Vice President at Colossal Media

This OOH mural campaign for Amazon’s live radio app Amp is actively reducing air pollution with a special application of EnhanceAir x Pureti.


Sustainable Staff Practices

Sign painting is a rigorous craft not for the faint of heart, with it can take a major toll on the body. We recently made a massive change and commitment to our people: our paint team now has weekends off to ensure a healthy work-life balance and long-lasting career.

Our first-of-its-kind apprenticeship program attracts top talent from around the globe and trains them for world-class wall dogging. We are the only sign painting company in the world with a program like this, and we're also the only sign painting company committed to employing our painters as full-time staff with benefits. This is our commitment to sustaining the sign painting craft and creating career opportunities for walldogs. Learn more

Inside the Colossal Media NY Shop, painters mix colors for upcoming murals and consolidate paint into an organized catalog of paint in a wide spectrum of colors. Of the 50,000 gallons of paint we use annually, every drop is consolidated and used – and each can is recycled or repurposed, sometimes into sculpture art!


Sustainable Spaces

Each Colossal canvas is so much more than a sign space — it’s an embedded element in the neighborhood. We’re proud to partner with landlords who support public art, helping keep local businesses thriving with additional revenue and building relationships to last a lifetime.

“Some of the relationships we’ve built with real estate owners across the country have endured nearly 20 years, and I know they’ll stay strong for 20 more. Our landlords appreciate that we’re not degrading their space, but rather adding creativity and character to the area.” — Nicholas Cummins, VP of Real Estate at Colossal Media