Casey Baker | VP, Associate Media Director | New and Improved Media

Casey Baker

What is re-energizing the creative community to maximize Out of Home?

Keeping people engaged and interested; mostly through the newest technologies and creativity.

As OOH continues to evolve, combining the art and science of technology, what is it that excites you most about OOH?

The fact that our industry (sales/agencies/clients) is willing to push the limits in so many ways, creatively and functionally to make Out-of-home as good or better than other media outlets.

Are consumers becoming more comfortable with how companies are using their data? Benefits/drawbacks?

Personally, I don’t think consumers are comfortable yet but they are closer than they were a few years ago.  Options of Opt-in or “benefits” such as coupons, savings, and trade to name a few, make it more worthwhile for consumers to allow their data to be utilized by 1st, 2nd or 3rd party targeting.   The drawback is that a majority of consumers are blocking their web behavior, making it harder for advertising companies to cast a wider net through targeted advertising.

What do you feel are the benefits of working in our industry that you would relay to young people or anyone coming to our industry today?

As an industry we are always “on” and always learning. Out-of-home is always implementing new and fun ways to push our client’s messaging…but in a sophisticated way.  Secondly, although each company is competing in their own way to win business we as an industry also all work in conjunction to make it more measurable and credible.