CES Learnings from Sarah Martinez, VP & Industry Lead, Retail | Verizon Media

Sarah Martinez | VP & Industry Lead, Retail, Verizon Media |

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In one word, how would you describe your experience at CES this year? 


What’s the hottest/most prominent topic being discussed at CES this year? What did you learn about it?

5G takes the cake at CES this year. When it comes to retail we know 5G will change the game in retail by driving speed and reducing latency. We’ll see a better consumer experience for retailers across the board. Interactive formats like AR will look crisper on smartphones and the technology will open up opportunities for more dynamic formats that tend to require additional data.

But during CES attendees saw an even deeper dive and explanation into 5G with Verizon’s eight currencies of 5G which include e2e latency, peak data rate, mobile data volume, mobility, connected devices, energy efficiency, service deployment and reliability.