Changes In Workplace Culture

Q&A with Natalie Traynham, SVP, Talent Attraction & Diversity Outreach, Momentum Worldwide

What are the top three priorities for leaders? 

Creating an Enabling Environment: Empower your employees to thrive in a supportive and secure space and promote Diversity and Inclusion by fostering varied perspectives within your teams, for an environment of innovation and collaboration.

Unlocking Growth Opportunities: Provide training, special projects, and stretch assignments to cultivate multifaceted growth beyond promotions.

Igniting Passions and Developing Skills: Enable your employees to pursue their interests and enhance their abilities through facilitated skill development.


How can companies adapt their recruitment strategies and processes to effectively attract and engage the younger generation?

Companies must adapt recruitment strategies and processes to effectively attract and engage the younger generation. They can do this by:

  • Improving the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) by going beyond traditional compensation and incorporating elements that appeal to their demographic.
  • Emphasizing holistic wellness initiatives, DEIBA efforts, sustainability initiatives and professional development opportunities.
  • Highlighting the significance of the work they will be doing as well as offering work-life balance flexibility.
  • Assessing company culture and provide transparency on values so potential candidates can decide if it resonates with theirs.

By implementing these enhancements, companies can better attract and engage the younger generation, creating a workforce aligned with their values and aspirations.


As many of the newer generations in the work-force started their careers amidst the global pandemic, what are the benefits to a more flexible hiring process (i.e. hiring folks near and far, leaning into remote/hybrid workstyle; opening up the door for a larger range of applicants)?

Companies can gain access to a larger and more diverse talent pool by embracing remote or hybrid hiring processes. This approach enables enhanced diversity and inclusion, improved employee engagement and retention, cost savings and increased business resilience.

Remote or hybrid work arrangements can help companies adapt to unforeseen disruptions, such as future pandemics or natural disasters, allowing for smoother transitions and business continuity.

And finally, flexible hiring processes provide companies the opportunity to meet the expectations of newer generations in the workforce.


We see a shift in our talents’ mindsets, demanding more from brands and companies, more inclusivity and transparency. What does your company instil in your higher-ups, in order to make sure these traits are honored?

Momentum Worldwide prioritizes inclusivity and transparency within its company culture. Leadership Training and Development programs are implemented to equip leaders with the skills necessary to foster an inclusive environment.

Clear Communication Channels encourage dialogue between all employees, while Diversity and Inclusion and Sustainability Initiatives ensure that everyone feels valued and included.

Accountability and metrics are put into place to hold leadership accountable for upholding these values, through KPIs, assessments, and surveys.


There’s been recent talk around how diverse and creative workforces lead to organizations success in more complex areas such as analytics and AI – What’s your agency/company’s take on diversifying teams for stronger initiatives? 

Diverse and creative workforces can benefit analytics and AI fields by providing multiple perspectives, improved problem-solving, and better decision-making. This diversity of thought can lead to increased innovation and creativity, deeper market understanding, and greater adaptability.

Momentum leverages these principles to drive strategic business decisions and remains open to cutting-edge predictive tools. Careful assessment of candidates is key to ensure they have the capacity to elevate this realm for Momentum.


What is one piece of advice you can share with younger talent coming into the workforce today?

One valuable piece of advice I can offer to younger talent entering the workforce today is to embrace a growth mindset. In this rapidly evolving professional landscape, it is crucial to cultivate a mindset that values continuous learning, adaptability and resilience.

And my top three tips are:

  1. Embrace learning opportunities, be agile and adaptable, seek feedback and learn from mistakes.
  2. Build a strong network and embrace diversity and collaboration.
  3. Foster resilience to ensure long-term success in an ever-changing work environment.


Natalie Traynham is SVP, Talent Attraction & Diversity Outreach at Momentum Worldwide. She is a diversity champion and has built the Diversity Recruitment strategy and talent pipelines that have led to a substantial increase in diversity efforts at Momentum Worldwide.