Conversations With Series during Advertising Week

The AD Club had a special AW edition of the very popular “Conversation With” Series where we provided direct access and one-on-one conversations with top industry executives who are changing the way we do business. Leading these conversations, were our very own influential Young Professionals, who dove into hot topics.

Speakers included:

  • Carl Fremont, Global Chief Digital Officer, MEC Global
  • Emily Goldman, Account Executive, Integral Ad Science
  • Dan Sorine, Account Supervisor, Havas Life Metro
  • Dionna McPhatter, Co-Founder, BLKBOX
  • Tricia Nichols, Vice President, Global Consumer Marketing & Engagement, Esteé Lauder
  • Thomas Drew, Social Media Strategist at BLKBOX, Co-Founder & Partner at 1and1Life
Key Takeaways:
  • An overall theme for each session, always remain curious and be comfortable navigating the unknown
  • Don’t lose sight of what is behind technology and ads, it is the people.
  • People hire people, not paper.
  • The person looking after your career is you.
  • It is time to think of leaving a company when you are providing more value to the company than they are to you.
  • Networking is critical
  • If you are not the disruptor, you will be disrupted.
  • Empathy is key and really understanding others. Adopt an empathy plan.
  • Career growth. Buying into the DNA of the company.
  • Identify your best asset for ex. I am a creator.
  • The ability to be consumer centric
  • In today’s climate it is important to be resilient.


Thank you to all our speakers and AD Club young professional committee members for an insightful series.