Creative Spirit Can Help You Craft a Virtual Disability Employment Forum and Improve Your Disability Inclusion Strategy

Autism Awareness Month is Just Around the Corner

Creative Spirit’s virtual forums are a great way to promote and enhance the inclusion of talented
people on the spectrum within your company or organization. By hosting a one-hour Autism
Acceptance Month forum, you can broaden your company’s understanding of the benefits and best
practices associated with working with people on the spectrum, and draw on neurodiverse talent.
Creative Spirit is here to make that happen.

Customize a Virtual Forum with Creative Spirit Throughout the Year

Creative Spirit is the ONLY nonprofit in the US dedicated to placing one million people with disabilities
in fair-wage jobs by 2030. In addition to our outreach, mentoring, and job-placement services, we’ve
produced panel discussions for employers around the world. Creative Spirit can host conferences,
schedule expert panel participants, and handle all the administrative tasks associated with a virtual
forum for your entire company, on topics that include advocacy, hiring, and managing employees with

Meet Our Expert Team to Craft Your Organization’s Disability Hiring Strategy

In addition to helping with virtual forums, Creative Spirit will work one-on-one with your organization
to build a world-class disability inclusion strategy that includes full-service training, coaching, and
candidate placement services. We also provide training sessions for CEOS and HR and DEI professionals. Our experience placing hundreds of candidates in fair-wage roles makes us uniquely qualified to
support your company’s entire disability employment strategy.


For more information, please reach out to Sara Hart Weir at
to discuss a Creative Spirit partnership.