Creativity and a “One Team” Mindset


Q&A with Patrice Pollack, SVP, Executive Creative Director, Canada, Momentum Worldwide

Year after year, agencies and brands continue to make their mark by winning various creativity industry awards. Collaboration in this industry is key – What unique initiatives does your brand/agency take to make sure you leave time to come together and collaborate on new ideas?

At Momentum Worldwide we have dismantled barriers between departments and cultivated a “one team” mindset. Our belief is that every person on the team brings a wealth of experiences, both personally and professionally, that contribute to a unique perspective on every project. Beyond building cross-functional teams, we come together once a week for Breakfast Club where we quite literally bring ideas and opportunities to the table.

Being ahead of the game can be challenging in a fast-paced work environment. What does your brand/agency do throughout the year to stay on track and keep up with the ever-changing + demanding creative trends within this industry?

In order to grow as an agency, our people need to be in a constant state of growth too. And we grow by learning, by immersing ourselves in culture, and by encouraging our team to experiment and play.

As the world faces continuous economic obstacles, companies are identifying more creative ways to cut back, while still delivering high-quality work. What is your agency/brand doing to keep the same momentum going while likely operating on a tighter budget?

Operating on tighter budgets can be challenging, but it can also inspire creativity. Our intention is to create meaningful, provocative work that lands in culture regardless of the budget. Internally, we look at ways we can be more efficient from a process perspective. We find it invaluable to bring clients in early and collaboratively, which not only builds trust but a true partnership where they become as invested in the work as we are.


Patrice is Executive Creative Director at Momentum Canada and is passionate about building a culture with a creative mindset and a collaborative spirit. She continues to lead with the belief that an agency’s business and culture thrive when the people come first.