CES 2023 Rewind: Beyond the Tech 4 lessons for marketers emerging from the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show

CES 2023 Rewind: Beyond The Tech

Dentsu’s annual report: The annual CES show reveals compelling trends and innovations for the year. From immersive experiences re-defining customer service, learning, and retail, to new ways to consume entertainment and earn attention. This year’s CES showcase was built on sustainability, virtual experiences, self-care, and home automation.

4 lessons for marketers emerging from the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show

Last year, in 2022, CES had returned to an in-person format, but attendance (on the part of both visitors and exhibitors) had proved to be underwhelming. This year, the show seemed to return at full force boasting 115,000 circa guests looking to find out what the next wave of innovation has in store for us. As marketers, CES does not simply offer us an opportunity to unveil the latest set of screens or devices upon which advertising will be projected or cast, or to speculate on what gadgets consumers will be spending their disposable income (or their savings) in the near future. It also inspires us to reflect on the broader set of expectations and the underlying tensions that innovators across multiple industry sectors are knowingly or unknowingly aiming to respond to through research and development. In this spirit, our strategists discuss some of most compelling trends and innovations showcased at the event in the context of lessons for marketers to keep in mind when developing future-facing strategies.


Lessons for Marketers::

01 Think Person, Not People

02 Think Experience AROUND the Experience

03 Think of the Joy

04 Think of Energy as a ‘System’


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