Embracing Work During Covid-19: Brian Rappaport, Founder & CEO of Quan Media Group

As everyone is navigating and adapting to this new normal in light of Covid-19, we asked our members how they’re managing work and life during these tough times. Here’s what Brian Rappaport, Founder & CEO of Quan Media Group shared:

How are you keeping yourself/your teams motivated?
Daily statuses, coffee via Zoom, and staying active on Linkedin by sharing relevant industry insights coming out of Covid-19. I think peers, colleagues and clients really appreciate it when you’re able to share information on how brands have pivoted in the past during crisis’ – as well as ways brands can successfully and intelligently stay relevant and active – while also maintaining sensitivity during this time. Each day I reach out to 3-4 clients on a personal level, checking in on how they’ve handled the situation, and just to let them know we’re here for anything they need – questions, concerns, or thoughts surrounding what the state of industry may look like as “stay at home” orders are slowly lifted.

What tips and tricks have you discovered for yourself that have made working from home more productive?
Establish a routine and follow it. I’ve been at my in-laws in Florida for the past month (safely quarantined once we got here by the way – diligently and smartly!). I have a separate room that’s now my “office.” I’m sitting in front of my desk, dressed for work (not in shorts!) with my iced coffee by 9:00am every day – and I’m not done until after 5:00pm. I separate myself from my desk for an hour to exercise, eat lunch and catch up on news – I fully disconnect during that time. By creating a new space that you feel comfortable working in – with no distractions, some good playlists to alternate through each day (hit me up if you need one) and a proactive mindset with the firm belief that “we’ll get through this” has been what’s made my days productive since Covid-19 has caused us to stay at home.

How is your business pivoting in light of the current situation?
FLEXIBILITY TO THE MAX. We’re an Out-of-Home shop, so for clients that had campaigns set to launch at the end of March, in April, and in the beginning of May, we’ve worked with them to find new dates, and make sure they know we won’t run any campaign until they feel comfortable. It’s not fun to shift or cancel a campaign, but clients remember when you’re there for them. On top of that, sharing ways that brands can advertise & reposition themselves during this time has received positive feedback from our clients (i.e. ideas on how to best pivot creative messaging to shed light on what’s happening). Lastly, you don’t want to be peddling media during this time – but you need to do your job and think of your clients. It’s a buyer’s market right now for OOH and they’re great deals to be had in April/May if you’re still looking to reach your audience. We’re sharing those opportunities with select clients, and they’ve been thrilled.

How are you and your teams being innovative/resourceful during these times?
Sharing relevant industry insights/trends/happenings. On top of that, I send out a weekly update to our clients on what we’re seeing in the OOH industry – unique activation’s by brands, articles that have resonated and research we’ve been given by other clients. It’s “shareable content” and we’ve been doing it for 4-5 weeks already. We’ve also shared some incredible deals our partners on the sales’ side have presented us – and clients have taken advantage of them. So now we’ll have some brands who may have had plans to utilize OOH 5-6 months from now, actually launching their media plan via OOH in the next few weeks, which is super exciting.