GPTs are Here. And They Work Better in Layers.

GPTs are Here. And They Work Better in Layers.

By Tony Jones and Dom Heinrich, Instructors and CoFounders at Creative-AI.Academy


We know ChatGPT as the main interface with AI that has taken the world by storm. But OpenAI has just rolled out its latest creation, GPTs. This new feature gives you more control of the model behind GPT-4.

In simple terms, these GPTs let you tailor ChatGPT to fit exactly what you need. There are GPTs specialized for food recipes, role playing games, doing laundry, negotiating salaries and countless others.


But also, it’s a big deal for the business world. Now you can have AI that’s not just a one-size-fits-all tool, but one that’s customized for every level of a business, from big strategy decisions to the nitty-gritty of daily tasks. And you don’t need to hire a developer.

This isn’t just a step forward in technology; it’s a whole new way for businesses to streamline what you do and get more creative with how you do it.

Because they are so customizable, you should consider having multiple versions within your organization, one for the company to use, a set for teams, and one for each employee. Here’s how:


Organization AI: The Virtual Strategy Partner

Organizational-level GPTs provide macro insights no single human could match. By continuously learning about your business and industry landscape, these virtual strategy partners give recommendations at the executive level – just like having an AI consultant down the hall. The difference? This AI consultant knows all your data, goals and secrets already (and is safe to use).


Team AI: The Ultimate Collaborator

Why leave project success to chance chemistry? With a team GPT, groups can craft a digital member trained on their specific needs. This AI blends team strengths and client goals, designing strategies that enhance service delivery, elevate client satisfaction, and epitomize efficiency. And when a new member joins a team, they’ll go to the GPT as part of onboarding.


Personalized AI: The Efficiency Enhancer

We all wish for a personal assistant to handle the little tasks slowing us down each day. With GPTs, it’s possible. Individual-level AI learns personal preferences and working patterns to shoulder the small stuff. It supports you like a second brain, becoming more seamless over time. The resulting time saved means higher value activities get the focus they deserve.


Specialized Training, Maximized Potential

The beauty of tailored AI lies in continuous optimization through feedback loops at every business layer. Like employees, these GPTs perform best when responsibilities are clearly defined. With specialized training, they channel magic into specific roles vs attempting to do everything sub optimally.

But more than productivity alone, this integration unlocks new ideas and creativity at scale. The humans may be needed to green light strategic pivots, but the AI will have already mapped out options. Together, we’ll watch every workflow reach new potential in 2024.